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About Us

We're flexible and adaptable boutique consultancy firm. We provide consultation for project management, dissemination, communication, and proposal planning activities.

Keeping needs of our clients in mind, we also provide services related to digital marketing, translating documents, web development, graphic designing, and video production.

We support projects across Europe, and we specifically specialize in relation to EU Commission's programmes such as Horizon Europe, H2020, and other funding opportunities.

Our founders have years of specialized experience on such projects and have worked with 50+ global organisations across 10+ projects. These projects have secured funding across different EU initiatives such as H2020, French Research Grants (CIR), Horizon Europe etc.


Professionalism: We are highly professional and proficient when it comes to delivering quality output on time.

Clarity: With us you will miss tones of ambiguity. We are very clear about our capacity, capability, lead time to deliver and budget required for our activities.

Experience: With years of experience, we have optimized the mix of content writing, domain expertise and understanding stakeholder needs while working on deliverables.

Let’s talk numbers: 2 CIR Applications (Both secured funding), 50+ global partners, 15+ projects and proposals under EU Commission’s programs, multiple grant/funding proposals in EU and ‘ZERO’ late deliverables.

Our Services

Project management

Organising your projects & deliverables across projects and years in a concise and simple interface.

Guidance on special documents

Guidance on special documents such as project proposals, deliverables, grants based applications etc.

Supplementary services

Support related to web development, graphic designing, video production, digital marketing etc.

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